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Tides Family Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit social services agency focusing on addressing the needs of children at risk. Since its incorporation in 1983, Tides has promoted family preservation and maintenance of youth within their communities through individual, family and group counseling; home visitations; educational and court advocacy as well as the networking of social services. Tides aims to provide the children, youth and their families with the services they need. The overall goal of Tides’ effort is to keep within the mission of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

Tides Family Services Timeline


In 1975, Br. Michael co-founded the Ocean Tides School. During his term as President of   Ocean Tides, Br. Michael recognized a need   for at-risk youth to have more support to preserve families and in their communities and out of residential programs.


In 1982, Br. Michael designed a program that would work to preserve youth in their families and communities providing the support and services they needed at a critical time in their lives.


In 1983, Tides Family Services was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. The Agency started with a $10,000 grant from Diocese of Providence and $5,000 grant from the Governor’s Justice Commission.


In 1987 Youth Outreach Project (YOP) begins with a contract with RI Department of Children and Family ( DCYF).


In 1990 Tides Administrative offices moves from Providence to West Warwick.

1992 – 1993

In 1992 Tides expands and begins a tutoring program, parent group and  counseling at Barton Street Community Center. In 1993 Tides Outreach Project(TOP) begins in Pawtucket/Central Falls with 6 staff members and 1 clinician.

1996 – 1998

In 1996 managed care changed the way Tides did business, DCYF becomes major funding source. In 1997 Tides begins a tutoring program, parent groups and counseling at West Ave  Community Center partnering  with Pawtucket Police. In 1998 Tides begins a certified Special Education school in Pawtucket with a $75,000 grant from RI Department of Education.


In 2001 Governor’s Justice Commission awards Tides a Truancy Prevention Grant in West Warwick that allows us to expand services again.

2003 – 2005

In 2003 Tides administrative office moves to new location for two years while building renovation occurs due to new building codes. In 2004 a new contract with the Department of Human Services obtained to have home based therapeutic services. A way to diversify funding. In 2005 Tides budget reached $4.1 million.


In 2007 new Program created- Youth Transition Center (YTC) Designed after the Massachusetts “Day Reporting Centers” Tides is awarded largest program grant called Preserving Families Network (PFN) which is focused on supervising youth returning from out-of-state care saving the State of Rhode Island thousands of $.


In 2010 Tides budget was at its peak at almost $9 million.


In 2012 DCYF implements a new system of care and is no longer a direct referral source. Tides becomes a subcontractor with Ocean State Network for Children and Families to serve clients. TFS begins relationship with Yale University to begin developing logic models and more closely evaluate program outcomes throughout the Agency.


In 2014 census reaches an all time low due to new system of care referral source. Lays offs required of Administrative Infrastructure. Trained staff placed on Work Share Program to provide services. Tides has a $2 million deficit with potential to close. Christian Brothers gives loan to Tides so they do not have to close.


In 2016 under new Governor, the RI system of care dissolved. All DCYF contracts held by the Networks were put out to bid.


In 2017 State procurement process requires Tides to write extensive proposals for services. 4 contracts awarded to Tides. 3 for existing services and 1 for new services. In 2017 with a budget exceeding $8.2 million, with 140 staff, Tides Family Services serves approximately 500 high-risk youth and their families every day Statewide. Begin to rebuild infrastructure.


In 2018 Brother Michael Reis transitions to Chief Visionary Officer and Beth Bixby hired as new Chief Executive Officer.

We never reject a youth or a family…
We never give up on a kid…

Everything we do would not be possible without your incredibly generous support. We’re so grateful for your contribution to these kids, and in turn, our community.