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Tides Schools – A Place of Hope

By creating a flexible, student-centered school environment, inviting families to parent-teacher nights, reaching out with positive phone calls and regular home visits, The Tides School strives to be seen as a place of hope, encouragement and success as well as a valuable part of the community where families feel the school is making their entire family stronger. This level of commitment nurtures strong, lasting bonds with students, families and the communities in which they live. As a result, The Tides School has developed a culturally competent, nurturing program where education is more than just academics: education encompasses social/emotional development as well so that students from all backgrounds learn the skills necessary to maintain healthy relationships, to establish appropriate boundaries and to resolve conflicts with family, peers and the community.

Tides Graduates

At The Tides School, we graduate an average of 6 students per year with approximately 60 students in the past ten years. The majority of the students referred to our program have been enrolled in other day school placements but for various reasons had difficulty adapting to those settings. Because Tides has a no-reject philosophy, The Tides School accepts any student a school department refers and provides multiple opportunities for them to be successful.

Non-Restraint School

Tides utilizes a hands off approach when addressing behavioral issues. We employ a variety of behavior modifications techniques designed to deescalate situations before a crisis develops. Tides school staff focus on developing trusting relationships built on mutual respect, eliminating the need for physical restraint. As part of the education process, clinicians, teachers and behavior specialists work together to teach students the skills needed to manage their behaviors in appropriate, healthy, constructive ways with the ultimate goal of helping students make substantive, long lasting change.

Special Education Certified

The Tides School teachers are special education certified by the Rhode Island Department of Education. Each school is staffed with a licensed, independent social worker as well as strengths based Behavior Specialists. All Tides School staff are certified in Crisis Prevention and Intervention training.

Tides Schools

• CERTIFICATIONS: Certified by the Rhode Island Department of Education
• GRADE LEVELS: Fifth (5th) to Twelfth (12th) Grade
• CAMPUSES: Pawtucket and West Warwick, RI
• FOCUS: Maintaining client-centered, strength-based, therapeutic and academic programs for all students
Private School Placements • Full Culinary Arts Program • Introductory Construction Skills Program • No Additional Cost, Six-Week Summer Tutorial Program
Each student receives the appropriate level of academic support for their needs • Clinically-Based Therapeutic Services offer every opportunity to achieve success

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